User experience oriented

Always tailoring the solution to the end user, not limited to one technology but striving to find what's best suited for each project. See showcase for more details.

Modern practices

Adapting to the changes within the industry and adopting modern workflows and best practices, making responsive and accessible web solutions.

Wide skillset

Experienced working with technologies ranging from server and network administration, apps, websites, custom CRM solutions to print design.



Niklas Rosenqvist

I'm a Sweden based web developer and designer who first started working professionally within the IT industry in 2009. I worked as a Systems Engineer primarily within Microsoft environments between 2011 and 2014 but have for the most part been doing freelance work since.

My expertise lies within web technologies (PHP, JS, etc.) and I've worked extensively managing databases and network systems, administrating both Linux and Windows systems. A good case study that displays what I can offer is YWAM Furnace NZ, a large full-stack solution for a New Zealand based non-profit.


The company is a small accounting firm, not requiring any online services for their customers. What the end user would be looking for upon visiting their website is simply their contact information and perhaps open hours. So a simple, performant and search engine optimized website was the goal.

Therefore, together with the client, we decided to go for a single page design that briefly introduces who they are for search engine optimization and presentation, and also providing all details the end user might want to find out about them up front. All optimized for both mobile and desktop browsers.

The backend is a static site generator called Vapid CMS, it provides all the editing functionality that the client might need in a straight forward interface. Since everything is compiled statically upon save it makes the site lightning fast and optimized for performance.

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For this site the requirements were to enable authoring blog articles with ease and not having anything get in the way. "Content is king" and this site showcases how one can make the written content the priority while still presenting it in a visually pleasing format.

There is no well suited technology for writing academic style written material online, but the popular Markdown format supports footnotes and other more advanced text features. So content is written with the Markdown format rather than a visual editor, allowing for one to focus on the text itself and not get distracted by the visual presentation thereof.

By choosing to work with a flat-file platform like Pico CMS the author is enabled to use any offline text editor with a fuller feature set than what's available online and can have full revision control and synchronization of the content to the live site - using Dropbox, Google Drive or any other common cloud service.

The design is inspired by traditional newspapers, focusing on making the writing front and center rather than fancy effects or advertising.

To enable all the features one is to expect from blogs today several custom plugins were created to enable pagination, search, and more.

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YWAM Furnace NZ2018

I volunteered my time for this non-profit between 2015 and 2019 and managed everything from their servers, email, media, advertising, to website and custom tools for their finance department. Since it was meant to be intuitive and easy for many different people to work with we opted for Wordpress as a familiar but powerful platform to build upon.

Here is a list of some of the site's features:

  • Full GDPR compliance and tools allowing for export and erasure of personal data
  • Full encryption and secure handling of sensitive data
  • YouTube and Instagram API integration
  • Multi-user administration with different access privileges
  • Podcasting solution publishing for consumption by iTunes and other podcasting services
  • Custom payment system for processing payments and donations
  • Online tools simplifying the finance department's workflow
  • Smart caching and lazy loading of media for optimized performance
  • Responsive design and easily navigatable "mega menu"
  • Custom framework "shiv" enabling modern programming paradigms in Wordpress
  • Custom single file component and templating system that eases the maintenance burden on developers
  • Parallax visual effects

It really is a full-stack solution meant for larger corporations and organizations with dedicated media departments and of larger scope than what's required for most clients.

The site has since been migrated to another externally managed platform to consolidate a range of external services, so this version of the site is no longer online.



You can find me on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, but for any serious requests and project quotations I ask you to contact me via the form below. Thanks!